Our wide range of curriculum allows us to identify the your child’s strengths at an early age.

Explorers’ Core Curriculum

Our daily curriculum...

Brain Explorers believe that every child has to be involved in various types of curriculum where they are able to grow mentally, emotionally, socially, and physically. Associating the learning method with more than just a single subject and being imparted in groups, Brain Explorers allows the children to learn at different levels and through various learning strategies. Therefore in Brain explorers we adopt different teaching approaches to let the children explore their innate talent. Here are some of the different teaching methods:

  • Little English Explorers

  • Chinese Cultural

  • Little Mathematics Explorers

  • Little Science Explorers

  • Young Historian

  • Young Geographers

  • IT Multimedia

  • Little Actor and Actress

  • Moral Education

  • Project at work

  • Montessori



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