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What is the centre's approach when a child falls sick?

The parents are advised not to bring their child to the centre

Home rest allows the children to recover faster.

Staying away from the centre protects the other children.

What will the centre do when a child falls sick?

Teachers will attend to the child's needs.

Isolate the child to allow rest.

Sponge bath if he / she has fever.

Parents will be contacted to take the child home or to see a doctor.

While waiting for parents to come, the child's condition will be monitored.

If parents or relatives are not able to come and the child's condition is serious, the centre may seek medical attention on the parent's behalf.

Cost of medical treatment will be borne by parents.

What measures does the centre take to ensure the children's safety and well-being?

Health check upon arrival each morning to detect signs of sickness.

Pick up

Only authorised persons are allowed to pick up children


Administered only when it is directly prescribed for the child.

Parents must provide written authorisation and full instructions in the 'Medication file'.

Entrance / exit doors

Closed at all times and latches locked from 9 am to 5pm.

Fire Drill

Conducted every 6 months to train children and staff on what do in case of fire.

School Attire

Children must be in school uniform whilst in the centre at all times. This helps to identify children when outdoors or during excursions.

Jewellery & Toys

Not permitted in the centre.


Toilets are cleaned at least once a day.
Toys and mattresses are cleaned at least once a week.






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